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The Altech Netstar Operation
& Service
01. The Tracking Unit   
02. The Control Centers 
03. The Networks
04. The Recovery Crews
  Altech Netstar Tracking Units        
  01. Altech Netstar Sleuth 
  02. Altech Netstar Early-Warning 


  Altech Netstar pioneered the industry in SA, and is the market leader with a recovery rate of around

 Unlike our competitors, our recovery teams are exclusively dedicated to our customers. We do not rely
on the SAPS, nor do we share our teams with other competitors.

 Altech Netstar has the largest air recovery operation in SA. We fly aircraft from 12 airfields around the
country. This provides us with an average recovery time of under one hour. This is unique in the

 There are eight 24-hour control centres in SA, each focusing on its own local recovery territory.

 Altech Netstar has the most expansive networks which extend beyond South Africa's borders, in
countries such as Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland.

 Altech Netstar has the largest selection of products in the industry. These range from our flagship Vigil
Fleet Management system to our entry-level Sleuth. Our five different stolen vehicle recovery
products cater for every possible need.

 Our products and services are very price competitive. Almost without exception, they are all priced
lower than similar competing products and services.

  Altech Netstar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the JSE-listed Altech Group. Altech is a high-technology
electronics and communication solutions group, with an annual turnover of around R4 billion.
This provides Altech Netstar with all the necessary support and expertise to innovate and grow in a
very competitive market.

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